What does it involve?

New Bio-Age consult... Have you ever wondered how old you REALLY are?

Healthwise Global brings you the new Health & Wellness Bio-age Consultation.

Biological Age versus Chronological Age – Healthwise Global will test a wide range of physical, nutritional, lifestyle and emotional factors to determine your true age.

Healthwise Global’s Bio-age consultation will help to increase your motivation and inspire you to make long-lasting health changes. Once you see the impact various small changes can make, you will look and feel fantastic. Detailed information will be given to help you develop strategies `to implement positive changes in the simplest way.

Let us help you to delay the ageing process.


  • Professional and friendly health and lifestyle advice
  • Gauge your current level of wellness
  • Record initial measurements for future follow up
  • Sorts out the fact from the fiction
  • Great opportunity to ask health related questions
  • Guidelines on how to turn exercise planning into action
  • We come to you!
  • Extensive follow up plan to help keep you motivated